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It was fun filled 2 days at the farmstay on 06/11/2020

Hi there,
Thank you so much,  it was lovely experience..The facility are very clean and staffs were very friendly..we really enjoyed the 2 day stay ,especially kids enjoyed a lot…Will definitely come back…..

Siraj Razak

Siraj Razak

Amazing place for real 🙂 on 19/08/2020

19/08/2020 to be honest was a great stay for us at farmstay, the house was amazing plus the staff were very friendly, also the cost was affordable for this kind of awesome hotel farm with privet swimming pool.

it really worth it to try and definitely i will visit again,



amazing place ! on 02/11/2019

I loved the place and how nice it was, the cleanness of the houses, the animals, kids play area, swimming pool also was clean and full. the location not too far from Abu Dhabi,

Finally and to be honest, those people know what they’re doing 😍 definitely going back again


Excellent Farm House – Best winter experience in UAE on “Feb 2nd 2018” on 05/02/2018

We were a group of 18 adults and 9 kids. We booked the romance house for Thursday and Friday night. The “Wow” factor started as soon as we stepped in from the main door. The Villa was extremely clean. The Sofa(seating about 12-14 people) and carpet were too clean. The Dining table with about 8-10 chairs. Kitchen was huge and clean , every bedroom had wardrobes and washrooms were very well maintained and clean.

We went for a walk to the zoo and amazed to see the number of animals there. We played with Rabbits. The farm had three villas well placed apart from each other so that the music and people won’t disturb each other.

We did barbecue on Friday , the weather was too cold to enjoy the hot food. We got fresh vegetables as a souvenir from the farm.

The kitchen is fully equipped with hot plate cooking range.

Cannot complete this without special mention about Ramzan , he has helped us a lot in getting familiar with the farm. Without his help our stay wouldn’t have been this smooth.

Thanks Mohammed for providing an opportunity to stay at the farm. You have been very patiently answering all our questions.

We will definitely come back again and again.


Ramachandra Reddy Pingili

If you are looking for a new unique experience, I would strongly recommend Farmstay for you .. on 16/01/2018

Hi there .. 🐥..

It was an amazing experience to get together and spend quality time with the whole family for two nights in the Farmstay ..

I have enjoyed every little detail in such a peaceful place in the middle of the desert with this level of privacy ..

I had the opportunity to walk around and discover the area and see several types of animals and feed them in the Mini Zoo not to mention that I was really lucky to finaly see a real lama, it was a dream that come true ..😐..

I have also enjoyed cooking outside with my family including preparing and drinking the warm karak tea in this nice weather ..

Moreover, it was simply breathtaking veiw to see the sunset and the stars that was shaining in the middle of the darkness .. I am not really sure what to say other than it was inspiring ..😭..

It is worth mentioning that Farmstay Supervisor was very helpful and always available to answer all our questions whenever we needed any support ..

Special thanks for the owner Mr. Al Hameli for all his hospitality and homble personality ..

Thanks for all the unforgettable memories and all the best! 🙂

Bint Mohamed

Great Winter Experience in UAE on 16/01/2018

We with a group of 8 families arrived in “Family House” on 12-Jan-18. This was our third visit in UAE’s different farm houses, but this was one of the best experience we have till now.
Very large farm with good children play area and “Mini Zoo”.
Really it has more number of animals than you can imagine after viewing website photos/ videos.

All rooms were clean with sufficient number of washrooms. They have almost all utensils for cooking/ barbecue…So carry only consumable..
Staffs were very good. Special Thanks to Basil.

Anuj Kumar

Great venue for group get-together!! on 05/01/2018

We had a wonderful time at Farmstay for the New year with our friends. The farm is maintained very neatly and there is good facility to cook in kitchen. The staffs were very cooperative. A unique experience with a mini zoo, children play area, fish pond. Children in particular had a really good time… Will be planning visits again to farmstay.

Dhileep Raj

Truly amazing place to stay with Friends on 14/11/2017

We had an absolutely wonderful stay at the farm… The Dream House @ Farmstay was spacious (very comfortably bedded all 15 of us with our 6 kids with still enough room for more). The house was well lit, very neat, and well equipped. The kitchen had all necessary cookware and equipment. We loved the Moroccan sitting area – set up our bbq and the extra stove right beside… never had such a relaxed bbq. Pool was also good fun… Children loved the play area, the mini zoo, and fishes… it was really nice to receive farm fresh vegetables too…

Totally it has been a wonderful, truly relaxing experience. The one day stay felt like a good long vacation… a much awaited break from the busy Dubai….

Can’t say anything except Amazing place! on 02/09/2017

I promised my self that if our stay was okay at farmstay, i MUST fulfill a testimonial here for Mr. mohamed.

We took two houses for Eid 2017 and the houses were Family house & Romance house (since they were so close to each others) and frankly speaking Romance house doesn’t have Swimming pool but the house was so clean and they’ve chosen very good material to build the house inside & outside, you can’t tell that this is a farm house, the house looks like if you were taking one of Jumaira beach villazz!! Anyway, so at night we left the kids sleep there whereas us the mature ppl were enjoying the swimming pool specially at night time. During the day kids were between the two houses going back and forth and there was no issues, the distance between the two houses was about 15 meters only. However, there is a playground for kids in the farm which was about 20 meters away from the two houses, maids were with the kids sometimes and we accompany them some other times. Honestly, the place is amazing and amenities were just fantastic. There was also a ZOO there !! Mr. Mohamed kept saying it’s a Mini zoo, but to me it’s a whole Zoo down there! there are plenty of animals there and we went with the kids took picture + fed some of the animals too.. Meerkat were having babies (so cute).

I would honestly recommend it to those who wants to have a good time a way from city crowd and those who have kids and wants to enjoy a day or two, specially when the weather start to be cool enough so people can go out 🙂


Thanks all for reading,

Anne & Sunil

Fantastic Experience 100% worth the time and money on 29/06/2017

It was really wonderful experience staying at Farm Stay, Me and my office staffs had spend a wonderful time on our EID holidays at Farm Stay, the Owner Mr. Mohamed is a very down to earth person and he treated us with fantastic hospitality, we really felt like staying at our own home, i would recommend Farm Stay to anyone who really wanted to spend your holidays with your family and friends. we will be booking it back soon again.

Amal Vijay Selvarajah (CEO)

Significant experience! on 24/04/2017

This as a humble note of appreciation for the incredible experience my family and I had when we stayed at the farm few months back; especially that we are now planning for our next stay at the same place and this is going to be our second time.

If you’re a family of a large group, and with children; I highly recommend you to go for the Dream House property as it has spacious rooms; plenty of space where the kids can actually run around and play with minimum supervision as you would be seated nearby or in the gazebo and would be able to watch them. There’s also a swimming pool (adults should be accompanied with children) and a mini kid zone (suitable for ages 2-6), both are nice and well built. Not to forget the mini zoo; the kids were amazed – and so were we- by the animals in there 

Farmstay is an experience like no other; and I would encourage anyone visiting the UAE, Abu Dhabi precisely to try it out!

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موفقين خير ان شاء الله وعساكم عالقوه ومشكورين على هالجهد الطيب

Fatma Salem Malallah Khamis
Stayed in January 2017

Fatma Salem Malallah Khamis

A place not to be missed, at all!! on 24/03/2017

It was our first stay ever at a farmhouse in UAE, and I can guarantee now there are many more to come because of the experience. Not a single bit I had to worry about, all well structured and decorated. Very peaceful and calm location and very friendly staff. One of the greatest plus, is the mini zoo. A place worth staying.

Owais Khan

If you need total relaxation from city rush then “farmstay” is the right place on 03/02/2015

We had wonderful family get together at ‘Farmstay’ on 2015 New Year eve. The location is great. Our stay at the “Farmstay” was just wonderful. The rooms were clean, very pleasant and ample. The kitchen was well equipped with all amenities. It was home away from home. We really enjoyed the cozy atmosphere. Children had great time in the swimming pool. Definitely our group would love to come back again.
We would highly recommend “Farmstay”
• Stayed on 2015 New Year eve with family and friends,

Rajesh Pallikere

Great stay at farmstay on 23/02/2015

I have been to your farm house with family .. We had a great time and very comfortable stay.

Alafiya Khomosi

Managing Director on 25/07/2016

We recently stayed in your farm land with my family. It was a wonderful experience. I must say it was one of the best leisure holidays I have ever had in my life! Thanks for this beautiful place and I would like to visit this place every time I feel like having a retreat, away from my normal routine.

Dinesh Correa
Managing Director, Falcon Trackers

Dinesh Correa
Zahoor Al Hira Trading LLC

A beautiful piece of property with a working farm on 08/04/2015

The Farmstay is a beautiful piece of property with a working farm and substantial vegetable garden.This is one of the best experiences we had. We visited there with our family and friends last friday (April 10, 2015). We spent almost 24 hours and had great fun.

This farmhouse is fully furnished and equipped and nicely maintained. Swimming pool is bit small but very clean. Toilets and kitchen are extremely clean and well maintained.

I do suggest the following for further improvement and beautification.
1. A green lawn (Grassy) should be placed in front of Majlis and Room.
2. This lawan should contain Children Play Area (Like Park).
3. A 2 feet pedestrian should be made upto Main Kitchen to avoid any sand and dirt to carry to living area.
4. Spare Mattresses and Pillow should be kept in store use if required.

We will sure visit again and thanks to all.

Syed Muhammad Rehmatullah

Franchising and Food & Beverage Consultancy on 30/06/2015

During my more than 25 years stay in the UAE, I have visited numerous farm houses in various Emirates. However, I can say without the slightest hesitation that your’s was by far the best one I have ever seen.

Conveniently located between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and extraordinarily well maintained for such a massive property, every corner of the farmhouse was absolutely spotless clean.This includes bathrooms, kitchens and the swimming pool that was filled especially for us with fresh clean water. Moreover, small touches like well placed signs in key areas reflect a strong pride of ownership.

My family and friends who were with us were absolutely delighted and look forward to visiting again soon. We will certainly be recommending it to all the people we know.

Thank you for such a great experience

Sanjay Duggal
Stellar Eastern FZE

(Great) Family Stay that describes the place best. on 31/07/2015

It is beautiful place, calm and quite away from the city. The facilities are excellent and very clean, as seen on the pictures. You also have great dunes behind the farm. The owner Mr. Mohamed was very helpful and cordial. A nice place to spend some quality time with family. There is a master kitchen with all the utensils and traditional underground ovens, Next time we are planning to get a cook along with us for a great Mandi Feast. The pool time was fun.

July 2015

Abu Dhabi City Municipality

Great experience on 29/08/2015

We have been at the farm for the weekend with friends and family, it has been a very nice and relaxing experience. Swimming in the pool, barbecue in the evening and some relaxing and playing pool at night. Children loved the place, picked dates from the tree and fed the fish in the pond.

I would recommend the experience to everyone.

PS: Visited the fort at 1Km from the house.


Real Estate Business on 13/09/2015

Farmstay is a peaceful, relaxing and lovely place to enjoy. It is setup in an excellent location to enjoy a family get together. The kitchen was well equipped with all amenities. This farmhouse is fully furnished and nicely maintained. Further, the washrooms are extremely clean and well maintained. The rooms were clean too and very pleasant.

Everyone had a fantastic time in the swimming pool and the buggies in the middle of the desert. We did BBQ in the evening and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Mohamed Suhaib M
Pvt Dept of HE Sheikh Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan

Wonderful Stay on 14/05/2016

We had a wonderful time in the villa. The villa was well prepared for us. It was well maintained and kept clean. The surrounding was amazing and made us feel at home. Hoping to do the tour again soon. I would recommend this villa to anyone. It’s a perfect stay for relaxation and fun..

Mohamed Firaz Farook

Different enjoyable experience on 13/10/2015

I stayed in Farmstay during a weekend with my family and friends. In fact we were 6 families with young children. The house was very spacious than we thought. 2 large living areas allowed us to get together freely. even children could play in the living rooms.

Adjacent sand dunes area was nice to have an evening walk. even we could drive our own cars (SUVs) in this desert area. Caretaker was always helpful when we needed a help.

Kitchen was equipped with everything we required. having BBQ was fun in this place. equipment were available.

Feeding fish was fun for kids. and they could see the way that vegetables are grown inside the green house. A different experience for kids in a country like UAE.

I must say something about the owner of this premises. He was always worried about us during the two days we stayed there. always instructed his employees to give the full comfort to us. It is rare to find a person like him in UAE. We impressed about him and his dedication to maintain the farmstay to up to this level.

We have been to many hotels in UAE in almost all the emirates during last decade. But unlike most of the places this place, people, and those two days will remain in our memories for a long time for sure.

Without any hesitation I would recommend this place to someone who needs to relax with a group of friends and family. Finally the very reasonable cost they charged increased the value for money.

Sudheera Widanage

i would call it “The Hidden Paradise”, ***** Highly recommended. on 24/08/2016

The best experience ever,

the place amazing for any kind of events, gives you great feeling away from the city, clean air to breath, amazing facility, very clean, so much to do, you can easily go as one family or even big corporation group of 70 people, we felt at home. people working there are very helpful. we did not need to take much with us, only ingredient of what we wanted to cook, there is a lot to be said about this paradise, but i recommend you to visit it and experience it.

already planed 4 more visits in the next t months ????


Perfect place to visit on 31/12/2015

Excellent getaway place for a long weekend or an occasion. Away from City, a calm and serene place – ideal for a group of people to spend time together. A very well strategized amenities in terms of Kids play area, Fresh water swimming pool, a well equipped kitchen, Snooker table, Free wife access (no no its WIFI access) and Majlis provides all age group to get engaged in their activities . A friendly staff crew always ready to help the guests is a good benefit.
The farm by itself has a full fledge functioning Green house, Fish pond, fresh vegetable farming unit and is surrounded by the dunes. This provides an excellent opportunity to explore nature which the kids love to do.
Overall a very happy experience would love to comeback with friends again. I recommend other inmates of UAE to venture the Farm.

Balachander Gandhi
The Private office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

What an amazing place to spend a weekend away on 28/05/2015

We brought an entire group of people to the farm, and stayed there for two nights. And what a wonderful place it is: Plenty of bedrooms to share, huge living areas, two kitchens, more than enough bath rooms, an amazing lapa outside, plus pool a mini zoo, fish pond – all in the middle of a massive farm of palm trees…and the first dune straight behind the house. Great place, great time – we will be back!

Arnd Herrmann

Private and Exclusive on 17/04/2016

I stayed here with my friends and our families. We were 10 adults and 3 children. It is an amazing place to get away from the Hustle bustle of the city. We stayed for on night. The rooms were well maintained. Toilets were nice and clean. Kitchen was full equipped. There is a separate big kitchen if you are going there with a bigger group. There was mini zoo, a fish pond and lots of dates. It is a very child friendly place. A very well kept place. The care taker Mr. Maheer was very helpful and was always at our service whenever we called him irrespective of the time. We couldn’t explore the farm fully only because of the hot weather. I will definitely recommend this place if you want something private and if you have a big group.

One suggestion I would like to give is that to make the place centralized A/C which will be energy friendly.

Noel Thomas

Amazing place on 25/12/2015

For sale

Such an amazing place. A very kind owner. Thanks to Mr. Mohamed for your hospitality.
This is a place for relaxation. A place for group activity. A place where you can feel that you are far away from noise and crowdness of the city. We will come back here for sure. 100% recomendable.

Mark Galang

Nice place on 26/09/2016

Dear Mohammed,

On behalf of our group I want to thank you for the use of your site for our camp. We have been looking for a place with the facilities you offer for a long time and we are grateful to have found yours to meet our needs.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are well taken care of and was more than fit to meet our needs.

Also, thank you for the swimming pool and for filling it with fresh water every day. We also appreciated that your workers came to take the trash away and kept the waste bins empty.

The only suggestion we would make is toward the problem with the flies. Perhaps installing some of the bug sapper lights would be helpful and definitely beneficial to make the flies manageable. Also, we would suggest the fridges to be cleaned out. We found grilled chickens from the previous group still in the fridge and had to clean it out before we could use it.

Other than the flies and the cleaning of the kitchen and fridges, we really don’t have any other complaint but only praise and thanks for your workers and the use of your site.

We will definitely love to use it again next year.

Thank you

Sandra Holloway

Mr. Mohammed on 31/09/2016

Our place simply superb and awesome. Calm clean and gives a great relaxation for mind and body from the hectic city and office life. Best part is cleanliness and ur staff and hospitality is really great. A complete family picnic spot. We will surely visit again in sha allah.

Mohammed Kaleem