Significant experience!

This as a humble note of appreciation for the incredible experience my family and I had when we stayed at the farm few months back; especially that we are now planning for our next stay at the same place and this is going to be our second time.

If you’re a family of a large group, and with children; I highly recommend you to go for the Dream House property as it has spacious rooms; plenty of space where the kids can actually run around and play with minimum supervision as you would be seated nearby or in the gazebo and would be able to watch them. There’s also a swimming pool (adults should be accompanied with children) and a mini kid zone (suitable for ages 2-6), both are nice and well built. Not to forget the mini zoo; the kids were amazed – and so were we- by the animals in there 

Farmstay is an experience like no other; and I would encourage anyone visiting the UAE, Abu Dhabi precisely to try it out!

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موفقين خير ان شاء الله وعساكم عالقوه ومشكورين على هالجهد الطيب

Fatma Salem Malallah Khamis
Stayed in January 2017