Nice place

Dear Mohammed,

On behalf of our group I want to thank you for the use of your site for our camp. We have been looking for a place with the facilities you offer for a long time and we are grateful to have found yours to meet our needs.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are well taken care of and was more than fit to meet our needs.

Also, thank you for the swimming pool and for filling it with fresh water every day. We also appreciated that your workers came to take the trash away and kept the waste bins empty.

The only suggestion we would make is toward the problem with the flies. Perhaps installing some of the bug sapper lights would be helpful and definitely beneficial to make the flies manageable. Also, we would suggest the fridges to be cleaned out. We found grilled chickens from the previous group still in the fridge and had to clean it out before we could use it.

Other than the flies and the cleaning of the kitchen and fridges, we really don’t have any other complaint but only praise and thanks for your workers and the use of your site.

We will definitely love to use it again next year.

Thank you