If you are looking for a new unique experience, I would strongly recommend Farmstay for you ..

Hi there .. 🐥..

It was an amazing experience to get together and spend quality time with the whole family for two nights in the Farmstay ..

I have enjoyed every little detail in such a peaceful place in the middle of the desert with this level of privacy ..

I had the opportunity to walk around and discover the area and see several types of animals and feed them in the Mini Zoo not to mention that I was really lucky to finaly see a real lama, it was a dream that come true ..😐..

I have also enjoyed cooking outside with my family including preparing and drinking the warm karak tea in this nice weather ..

Moreover, it was simply breathtaking veiw to see the sunset and the stars that was shaining in the middle of the darkness .. I am not really sure what to say other than it was inspiring ..😭..

It is worth mentioning that Farmstay Supervisor was very helpful and always available to answer all our questions whenever we needed any support ..

Special thanks for the owner Mr. Al Hameli for all his hospitality and homble personality ..

Thanks for all the unforgettable memories and all the best! 🙂