Can’t say anything except Amazing place!

I promised my self that if our stay was okay at farmstay, i MUST fulfill a testimonial here for Mr. mohamed.

We took two houses for Eid 2017 and the houses were Family house & Romance house (since they were so close to each others) and frankly speaking Romance house doesn’t have Swimming pool but the house was so clean and they’ve chosen very good material to build the house inside & outside, you can’t tell that this is a farm house, the house looks like if you were taking one of Jumaira beach villazz!! Anyway, so at night we left the kids sleep there whereas us the mature ppl were enjoying the swimming pool specially at night time. During the day kids were between the two houses going back and forth and there was no issues, the distance between the two houses was about 15 meters only. However, there is a playground for kids in the farm which was about 20 meters away from the two houses, maids were with the kids sometimes and we accompany them some other times. Honestly, the place is amazing and amenities were just fantastic. There was also a ZOO there !! Mr. Mohamed kept saying it’s a Mini zoo, but to me it’s a whole Zoo down there! there are plenty of animals there and we went with the kids took picture + fed some of the animals too.. Meerkat were having babies (so cute).

I would honestly recommend it to those who wants to have a good time a way from city crowd and those who have kids and wants to enjoy a day or two, specially when the weather start to be cool enough so people can go out 🙂


Thanks all for reading,

Anne & Sunil